Sorry, you missed the live version of the webinar. Fret not! You can watch the mini-version or sign-up for the full 60 minute version below.

Whole kitten-kaboodle




You’re on a mission. What about your words? Most people’s–and organizations’–words are on vacation, rather than on a mission. This webinar will fix that for you.


Date? August 24 at 1pm PST.

This webinar is about making adjustments to the 15,000(ish) words you use in a day to increase awareness, raise more money, and do more good.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • The biggest messaging mistakes I see nonprofits make again and again. And then I’m going to tell you how to avoid and/or fix them.
  • How to make simple tweaks to your writing that’ll make people go, “Woah, wait. What are you doing? I want in on that!”
  • How to get into the minds, and hearts, of your most important audiences. Think donors and staff and board members and volunteers. (And then think about donors again because, well, they’re important.)
  • Cool info gleaned from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics.

All topics and tips will, of course, be backed by research.

This won’t be an “oh let me just turn this on and listen in the background” webinar. This is going to be a “oh let me have both hands free so I can take copious notes” type of thing. There will be time for Q&A, so you will also be able to get your burning questions answered on the spot.

Learn more about the webinar presenter, Erica Mills. >>