“This is one of the best classes I’ve taken. Prof. Mills is a phenomenal teacher. Thank you for a fantastic quarter!” Daniel de Zeeuw

What are the dates for Fall Quarter 2016?

The class will start September 12 and run through December 5, 2016. You’ll be able to apply what you learn immediately to your work. Taking this class in the fall means you will dramatically increase your odds of having a spectacularly successful year-end fundraising season.

Who should take this class?

Goal-oriented nonprofit professionals and social innovators who are ready to raise awareness, increase donations, recruit new board members, and/or achieve other goals that will accelerate and amplify their success. This class isn’t for people who are happy with the status quo. It’s not for people who are content with mediocrity. But for people willing to carve out a little time to do the work, it can produce dramatic results.

What will you learn in the class?

  • A proven method for creating a Messaging Platform that will stand out to supporters.
  • The very best way to get your board and staff to use language that is concise, compelling, and repeatable.
  • How to create (or lightly modify, depending on what you can and want to do) your Mission, Vision, and Values statements.
  • How to set goals and objectives.
  • What brand personality is and how to define it for your organization.
  • What makes you truly unique.
  • How to identify, prioritize, and engage your target audiences.
  • How to create powerful personas.
  • How to easily integrate research into your marketing and communications so you can see what’s working and what’s not.
  • The biggest messaging mistakes organizations make…and how to avoid them.

What support will you get?

A lot. There are twelve lessons. With each lesson, you get everything you need to put everything you learn into action:

  • Interactive Video Lectures with Prof. Erica Mills
  • Step-by-step Homework Assignments (that are actually fun to do!)
  • Simple-to-use Study Guides
  • Comprehensive Checklists
  • Bonus Readings
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get guidance and support every step of the way

Is it possible to preview the class?

Yes. Set up a free student account and get one lesson for FREE.

“Thank you for launching Claxon University. When I presented the Messaging Snapshot to our board, the committee chairperson said, “This is perfect for first time board members and new employees! It’s a complete, really simple way to explain the company to anybody. [When I saw it], I was really impressed.” Claxon U has been an amazing experience!Mark James, Entrust Community Services

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $949, plus tax. Over the course of a year, that works out to $2.60 per day. You can register here.

What will happen when you register?

You will get an email that walks you through everything you need to do to get ready. How to sign up, where to access the videos and study guides, where to turn to if you get stuck. Everything. You will be able to access the class materials, so if you want to dive in you can. As part of the class, you do a Stakeholder Survey. Getting that done by September 12 will mean you’re ready to take full advantage of every tip, trick, and tool the class has to offer.

Is the class eligible for CFRE credits?

CE15LogoYes! 24 credits, in fact. At $39.50 per credit, it makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to earn, or keep current, your CFRE credential.



Are you ready to enroll in Fall Quarter?

You can register here. Can’t wait to see  you “in class!”



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